A few ideas to help us build better models.



Brushing with enamels: are you always disposing of dirty turps, only to refill the jar with more clean (and expensive) turps every week or two?  

Make turps last longer by using two jars, one has "dirty" turps in and is used to rinse the main material from the brush after wiping with a dirty cloth (the sediments, especially with matt paints, will drop to the bottom).  The other jar has "clean" (or as clean as possible) turps in it.  This is used to clean the paint brush before drying with a clean cotton cloth.  

When eventually the turps is changed the clean turps becomes the "dirty" jar, and only new turps is used in a fresh jar, becoming the "clean" jar.  

The paint brushes stay cleaner and the turps lasts much longer, for several months, depending on usage of course.


If you use se Slaters Plastiglaze or similar for glazing coach windows etc.  and using liquid poly for sticking the glazing can cause seeping onto the glazing material making it opaque or messy around the edges of the windows no matter how well applied.

Try using use dots of Impact Adhesive applied with a cocktail stick to the inside of the window frames.  It is a solvent, so actually sticks.  The glazing can also be re-positioned slightly for a few minutes until the glue dries if required.  It will also be noticed that the adhesive "strings" slightly, and this can be used to advantage up the window frames and along cant rails etc. giving more glueing surface (not diagonally across the window openings though!)



When attempting to restore old rolling stock I tried Dettol Liquid to strip the enamel paint from some coaches after reading about it in a magazine.  It does work.  I stripped two coats of paint from these four-wheeled coaches without harming the plastic.  Using a 50/50 solution of Dettol and water in a little tub or old cup, drop in you vehicle for 6 to 8 hours or overnight.  The result is a bubbled paint surface just like paint stripper.  Scrub this off with an old toothbrush and you will find that most of the paint has gone except perhaps stubborn corners which can be picked out with a pin.....and as a bonus, all the germs are gone too!  

If you feel you need to give it a second dip that does no harm at all. 








Passengers can't usually be seen very well inside closed coaches, so try buying cheap seated chinese H0 scale figures off the internet and use them.  They are usually in some garish colours though, so give them a wash of thinned dark grey before gluing them to the coach seats.