June 2016 Meeting

Eight of us gathered for the June meeting in Barsham.  A few models were displayed (photos below), and we discussed future events including a proposal to hold a Running Day Mini Exhibition in September on behalf of the village hall.  Chris presented his first video of "Ashfield Green" (009) taking a trip by train on an on board mini USB camera, quite good quality too.  Graham brought along a new feedback controller to test, made by Trax Controls of Norwich.

(Click on photo for large image)


 A strange permanent way 009 scale loco and coach from Phil Porter.  It was built many years ago and runs on what appears to be a home made brass chassis.








Meanwhile Graham has had "a bit of a turn",  He is now changing interests to a Gn15 project, this is his first loco and wagon, both by Smallbrook Studio in the Heywood style. No.1 loco, to be named "Proteus" has yet to receive it's name plates.







Richard recently bought this ready made 009 model from the 009 Society sales stand, a Meridian Models kit.  It has now been repainted in the Beccles & Bungay Railway livery.
Phil also brought along this Tebee Models De Winton style vertical boilered loco in 009 scale.  We are trying to identify the wagons which the loco is hauling.