July 2016 Meeting

Eight of us gathered for the July meeting at Barsham Village Hall.  Richard brought along his 009 layout "Shipmeadow" where extra details have been added including a Southwold Railway style buffer stop, and there were some recently completed models having a run.  Also, Jim was displaying his 009 layout "Hubbards Halt" which now has a lighting rig.



Jim's 009 scale GVT tram loco on a Bachmann Plymouth chassis running on "Shipmeadow".









Peter brought two loco's to display, which are also seen running on "Shipmeadow".  This is "Moelwyn", a Meridian Models Baldwin Gas Mechanical loco that has been modified with a front pony truck.








The second, is a Saltford Models DeWinton vertical boilered loco.










James has converted a 7mm O-16.5 KAZ firetruck into a rail-mounted vehicle using a Bachmann HO MOW vehicles motorised chassis.








Two superb models from Bill.  These are 1/16th scale, representing 10 1/4" gauge items. 

A nurseryman's flat wagon with wheelbarrow load.  The wagon body is scratch built on a OO scale Triang long wheelbase chassis. 

And below, a grinding wheel, again scratch built





Stuart brought along two 7 1/4" gauge wagons and some sectional track.

The eurocrate flat wagon now has a crate load.  Stuart has bult a new flat wagon out of timber, it has three-point suspension, wooden axle blocks turned steel wheels and dog spike couplings.

The track has cast aluminium sleepers with steel bar rail. the rail lengths have welded pins on the ends that locate in the sleepers.


Meanwhile, 27 miles away, Chris and Graham had to return home as their car developed a fault.  While we were waiting for the motor engineer to turn up Chris showed me his new Tomytec Bo-Bo N gauge chassis which will be used as the motive power for a 009 scale railmotor body and presented me with a short video on CD of his 009 layout "Ashfield Green" which will appear on the website soon.  I was able to show him some of my Gn15 scale models, some of which are in the photo below:


Loco number 2 "Jiro", a Smallbrook Columbine kit, the finished bogie coach and various wagons under construction photgraphed on what will become a small trial layout depicting the railway workshops.  A decision now has to be taken about which couplings to permanently use.