August 2016 Meeting

There were ten members and one visitor from Herfordshire at our August meeting.

Unfortunately we were unable to take any photographs this time, and as people have been doing "summer" things, not many models were on show.

Chris brought along an N gauge Tomytec BM-17 chassis which is going to be used for a new 009 scale double-ended railbus. He also took some photos and an on-board video of "Shipmeadow" 009 layout which Richard was running.  Hopefully he can edit it into something watchable.

Alex was giving a selection of his 009 locos and stock a run on "Shipmeadow", and Alan had received the latest issue of "Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette" for people to browse.

That's about it for August, hopefully we will have more photos of our next meeting, our Running Day Exhibition on Saturday 3rd September.